Thursday, February 28, 2013

Long time no post

Wow, hi all! Sorry for the long silence.  February just kind of zoomed on past me. :D Here's a summary of my month:

  • I have not done well exercise wise and as a result have not really lost any weight since my initial first month 20lb drop.  It's dissapointing but it's also my own fault.  
  • My diet hasn't been too bad; not stellar, but not horrible either.  I just haven't been eating well rounded meals like I should.
  • Plus side, while I haven't lost, neither have I gained, which is the sliver lining. :D always need to look for that right?
  • I took two weeks off work until I could get my hypoglycemia under control and started back just the other day and it's great.  You kind of forget how much you like and appreciate certain things until you haven't dealt with them in a while and then realize how much happier you are once you start up again (hmm maybe I should apply that to exercise huh? :D).
  • Finally have gotten my hypoglycemia under control and have not had an episode in three whole weeks! yay! Plus I had a sleep study done, which I'll talk with my doctor about on friday, and I've been sleeping with oxygen at night which seems to help some. :D
  • I'm doing great in school and even got an A on my first cell bio exam and a C+ on my first financial concepts exam (trust me this was a great thing since I missed two days of financial concepts which is a three hour class once a week due to my hypoglycemia and didn't know the last half of the material very well).
  • I'm moving in with my step sister this weekend and am super stoked! I love her and her baby girl and can't wait to spend lots of time with them!
Well that's pretty much my month in a nut shell. I'll try to have a more pithy, funny post next time but right now I'm just too sleepy. :D
I couldn't get my full body photos to load
but here's my most recent head shot. :D

Stay safe, stay happy, stay hopeful
Remiss in her blogging duties signing off! :D

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  1. Awe good to see ya! Glad you are doing pretty well! Here's to hoping this next month will rock! PS Good job on those tests, I don't evny you in going to school :)