Saturday, May 4, 2013

She's back...

Hey all!  So I finally got my computer back (just in time for final term papers, woopey) and I can finally fill y'all in on what's up in the world of moi.

  Number one: Finally found out what's really going on with me.  After more fainting spells I went to see a neurologist early in April.  Though he suspected what it was right away, I had to go through a myriad of tests to rule out any truly harmful problems with my heart, arteries, and brain.  Good news is I don't have a tumor or a damaged heart or damaged arteries; yay!  The not so great news is that my doctor's suspicions were right and I have orthostatic hypo-tension   Basically, my systolic blood pressure (top number reading) drops 20 points periodically, usually when I go from sitting to standing.  He believes the most likely scenario is that my carotid body is underdeveloped and isn't always getting the signal to my heart to beat at the correct pace to keep my blood pressure at safe and normal levels.  If it is this it's just something I have to ride out and wait for the carotid body to mature.  Another possible culprit is autonomic neuropathy.  Basically I showed signs of slight sensory loss in my feet and this indicates (along with my insulin resistance) that the part of the nervous system that controls involuntary functions like the heart beating could be damaged.  If this is the case, treating the insulin resistance can reduce the symptoms but nothing can ever fully cure it.  So for now it's nice to at least know what's up and ways to lessen the symptoms.

   Number two:  I'm nearly finished with school this semester.  I finished my cell biology class and lab on Tuesday and handed in my final term paper on Thursday   The only thing left is my finance final this coming Wednesday and I'll be home free for the summer! YES!

   Number three:  I did not, unfortunately, make it through insanity.  There were a number of excuses I was able to find but it all boiled down to laziness on my part.  I'm going to attempt to start it over on Monday  but also try to mix in some swimming and some light weight lifting as well... well maybe not the weight lifting but we'll see.

   Number four:  I am now down to 224lbs! woot! However I'm having problems with my band.  I feel like every time
 I get a fill I get hungrier sooner on more food, although I make a point never to eat over 12 oz in one sitting if I'm weighing my own food.  Oh and side note, my kitchen scale broke!  So for a while I wasn't able to accurately measure because I've always measured by ounces not cups and 1 and a half actual cups of food did not even last me a few hours.  I'm worried I might have a leak, so my support team at the hospital is having me monitor what I eat, how much I eat, how soon I get hungry and to try and tell if it's real hunger or "brain" hunger.

Well that's all I've got for now.  Hope you all have been doing well and I'll make a point to drop by some pages when I'm less sleepy. :D

Stay safe, stay happy, stay hopeful
Signing off with love. :D

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  1. Hey! It sounds like a lot is going on but you are handling it very well! Hope you snuck in some swimming!