Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life of the properly adjusted

Helloooo all! So I took a bit of a break while on vacation in Tuscon, AZ but decided I should probably get back to blogging, to vent my thoughts if nothing else.  I spent a wonderful week in AZ and got some work outs in and weighed my food and stayed close to on track! Win for me!

Ok but what I really wanted to talk about is how things have changed since I've finally been adjusted into the green zone! :D  I've been in the yellow zone pretty much since day one and it's taken a while to get myself into the green, but man what a difference.  I can actually tell when I'm full! and I stay full for nearly six hours which was my goal. :D  I have had a few oops moments, but I'll attribute that to the learning phase. :D Now in the green zone, I have to take much smaller bites than when I was in the yellow zone otherwise I feel discomfort almost immediately.  And when I say much smaller I mean the normal size bite for a banded person.  I haven't had to change bite size since my surgery until now.  I can happily eat 10-12 oz of food and last a good 5.5 to 6 hours. :D

I have to say I'm really loving the consistency the band is giving me hunger wise.  I can plan all my meals for the day and when I'll eat them because I know pretty much when exactly I'll be hungry.  No worrying about should I bring more food to work cuz maybe I'll get hungrier than I think I will or any of the stuff that caused me to "geek" out so badly before.  It's kinda pretty much awesome.

On the food front I found a great new breakfast that I love!  scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese, half an avocado and half of a tomato, sliced, and either a cutie or some pan fried potato hash browns.  ( I make the hash browns with just cubed baker potatoes, some olive oil, and salt and pepper.)  It's a very delicious - and colorful!- breakfast.

On the exercise front I'm doing ok.  I took my insanity videos with me to AZ however I only did Monday's and Wednesday's work outs because I was insanely sick on Tuesday and things got crazy busy preparing for my cousins wedding Thursday and Friday and I was just plain pooped on Saturday.  However I did do a TON of swimming and running around with my little cousins and dancing at the wedding so I did do some activity.  I've struggled getting motivated to do my insanity again this week and haven't done any of them but I'm committing myself to doing tomorrows workout when I get up.  I always stick to my exercise plan best when I do it right when I wake up. :D  Here's to keepin' on, keepin' on.

Stay safe, stay happy, stay hopeful
Gonna keep on trucking signing off

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  1. Yay sounds like a wonderful week! Glad things are going well and I love when you get to do exercise that isn't your normal, but is really really fun!