Tuesday, December 18, 2012

...And Counting

I'm 28 hours and counting until my surgery tomorrow morning!  I've received a lot of questions about if I'm nervous or not.  Mostly I assume the questions are asking if I am nervous about the surgery itself.  To this I say "heck no!"  I've been working towards this for six months; I'm so totally stoked (dude!) to have this surgery.  And I will most likely go picture crazy tomorrow, so expect way to many pictures of me pre- and post-op. :D

On a more serious note, yes I am a bit concerned with what comes after the surgery.  I'm worried about my ability to really change and make this work.  I had a bit of an overwhelming day a few days ago and let out a lot, if not all, my biggest fears concerning my choice; however overall I think my worries still fall within the realm of normal and don't stray too close to over-analyzing territory. :D  I'm a bit bummed I won't be enjoying Christmas dinner with my family since my first breakfast doesn't come until a few days after, but it's  a sacrifice worth making (at least that's what I'll try to remember to tell myself when I'm sitting in a house full of yummy foods I won't have the ability to eat!)

Anyways, have to make this one a short one.  I'm off to take my last final (was going to put final final but even I couldn't get past that redundancy). ;)  After that I'm off to work and then come tomorrow I am free of all work and school responsibilities for an entire week (well work wise at least.  Three weeks until school starts up again! Woot!)

Stay safe, stay happy, stay hopeful,
This is probably a bit too excited signing off!

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