Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Chapter

As my mother so eloquently puts it, tomorrow starts a new chapter in my life.  After six months of medically supervised diet and exercise (which I didn't do so hot on I might add) I finally have a surgery date and start preparing for said surgery bright and early tomorrow morning.  As of tomorrow I will officially be on my liver shrinking diet.  (Yikes! I know).  For two weeks I will be allowed 9 oz of protein, 2 servings of fruit, and 2 servings of vegetables a day.  The goal here is to use up the glycogen stores in my liver to shrink it down to a "normal" size.  Little fun fact: according to my surgeon, the liver of an obese (or morbidly obese person, like me), is two to three times the size of that of a person who is at a healthy weight.  Interesting right?  I thought so.

Night before liver shrinking diet. 256 lbs
Anyways, to put it in a nutshell, the next two weeks will be a struggle to say the least.  I'll literally be putting my body into starvation mode and lets face it, I didn't get in this position by letting my body get anywhere near the vicinity of starvation!  I will most likely be crabby and whiny and hungry, but since it'll only be for two weeks I'm hoping we all survive without too much collateral damage (though I make no promises).

I meet with my "team" - aka my exercise physiologist and dietitian I've been working with over the past six months - a week into this diet just to see how things are going.  Like how I'm doing on the diet, if I have any questions or concerns, and to count the number fatalities so far (just kidding! I hope!)  My lovely and adorable dietitian has told me she's seen people lose 10 lbs in one week on this diet; so in the interest of documenting my progress I will add photos with current weight and we'll see how I do!  I'm definitely nervous for these two weeks but definitely excited for the surgery and what my life will be like in a year's time!

Happy? Nervous? Excited?  Um... Yes!
Stay safe, stay happy, stay hopeful!
Hopeful and nervous, signing off!

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