Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Roller Coaster Rides and Zombies

I've never been a fan of roller coaster, literal or metaphorical, but boy did I strap myself in for one heck of a ride the last couple of days (I really shouldn't be tall enough to ride this ride). ;) Ok bad roller coaster joke out of my system... moving on.

Anyways, yesterday was a hard day for me.  After doing so well for nearly a week, I kinda went a little food crazy.  The real low point was last night after taking my friend home from watching tangled at my house (that was a highlight and then whoosh  down I go).  I found myself in the isles of Walmart and I bought an bag of pepperoni and a can of cheese.  I got home and ate the entire back, almost the entire contents of the can, and half a sleeve of Ritz crackers.

These are all definite no-nos on my liver shrinking diet.  So to "punish" myself, I decided I would not eat at all today.  I made sure this would happen by leaving all my money at home (since I'm spending all day in another city at school).  What did this genius idea end up doing for me?  I can't focus, I can't see straight half the time and I can't stand up and walk without feeling like I'm about to fall over.

So what's the moral to my story?  Put on your big girl panties and deal with the mistakes you make but freaking FEED yourself you ninny!  Or walk around like one of the zombie extras in the walking dead all day long. (Not a pretty sight).

Well I have my halfway point weigh-in tomorrow so maybe I'll have a more upbeat post tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay happy, stay hopeful,
Hungry zombie signing off.